Teamsters’ solidarity demonstration for Mansour Osanlou 2


 12 :21 EST   

Officers and business agents of the Teamsters’ local unions demonstrated their solidarity for Mansour Osanlou, the President of Syndicate of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (SWTBC), with representatives and deputies of the four principal political parties during a meeting at Parliament Hill.

Mansour Osanlou was arrested a few months ago, along with hundreds of union activists, for planning a strike to protest against the bus drivers’ working conditions in Tehran. The trade unionist was again imprisoned July 12th last when he returned to the country after a visit with the International Transport Workers’ Federation in London. His eyes have apparently been injured and he has had no medical treatment since the beginning of his imprisonment.

“The thoughts of the Teamsters’ members, officers and business agents are with Mr. Osanlou. What he has been through is unacceptable and demonstrates that Iran still has a long way to go as far as human rights are concerned,” mentioned Robert Bouvier, President of Teamsters Canada. “We ask Iran to release the trade unionist so that he may continue his legitimate activities in the improvement of working conditions for workers in Iran.”